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Why you must choose ESYLANG

  • Time Efficient Approach
    We know the value and efforts everyone puts during language learning. Therefore, our tutors implement a productive approach to help the students by reaching their targeting level with the utmost perfection in less time.

  • Well-structured programs with an high standard approach.
    • Our courses are very well-structured, with lesson notes and exercises for each topic and articles.(Our Courses are not only well organized they are prepared keeping the objective simple and clear)
    • You would be paying a very reasonable amount for private tuition and would be getting undivided personal attention from your tutor.
    • After attending our courses, you would be ready to appear for any International

  • Learn French by your refrench language
    • You will be learning French language through the English language (which you are more familiar with) and then introduce more French as you progress to higher levels.
    • By building on what you already know, learning French becomes easier and more fun.
    • We can also arrange ONLY FRENCH in class experience for students who wish to learn using the direct method.

  • Get the access to the best study material book, podcast & more
    • We have invested time to acquire the best learning materials from all over the world.
    • We have put together all the best practices, language learning, and examination tips to share with you.
    • Now new students can benefit from our numerous tips and tricks that they cannot find in any textbook or centers.

  • • Private one-O-one classes at very affordable fees.
    • We guarantee a better learning experience than in-person classes through our interactive online lessons.
    • You would be paying a very reasonable amount for course plans and would be getting undivided personalized attention from your teachers.
    French exam anywhere globally.( Once completed our courses, you would be ready to attend any international French exam )