Whatis TCF/TCFQ?
(Test de connaissance du français)

TCF is a French language proficiency test conducted to assess the ability in general use of French among non-native language speakers. It is curated for the individuals who are willing to have their competence and knowledge in French examined simply and quickly for academic, immigration, and personal reasons.

TCF is conducted and managed by the Centre international d'étudespédagogiques(CIEP) for the French Ministry of Education and immigration. The test gives the evaluation of understanding the written and spoken French along with the ability to use the language structure.

TCF helps meet the French language entry requirements, and demonstrate the language and showcases the ability to work and study in France and Canada. It follows the European standards as set forward in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is equally recognised as DALF & TEF.

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TCF Modules and Examination

The modules included in the test are as follows:

  • Compréhension orale (Listening) - 35 min - 39 Questions
  • Compréhension écrite (Reading) - 60 min - 39 Questions
  • Expression Orale (Speaking) - 12 min - 3 Subjects
  • Expression écrite (Writing) - 60 min - 3 mandatory topics

The candidate receives an official certificate of the results from 4weeks from the test date. These results are valid for 2 years. Also, the candidates can take the test multiple times, with a gap of 60 days between examination sessions.

The table below demonstrates the TCF score on 6 levels, ranging from A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A1 is the lowest level (compatible for beginners), and C2 is the highest level (compatible for fluent users) in the framework.

Level. Score
A1 (Elementary) 100-199
A2 (LowerIntermediate) 200-299
B1(Intermediate) 300-399
B2 (UpperIntermediate) 400-499
C1 (Advanced) 500-599
C2 (Superior) 600-699

TCFQ (Test de Connaissance du français pour le Québec)

TCFQ (Test de Connaissance du Français pour le Québec) is the test specially designed for the people willing to immigrate to Quebec. Like TCF, it does not require the candidate to be from a specific academic background. Designed by CIEP, this test verifies the stringent approach authenticated by the committee consisting of the best French and European language experts.

Unlike TCF, a TCFQ certificate can only be used for immigration applications. It is not valid for the admission purposes in a French University or works in a Francophone country. The validity of this certificate is also 2 years from the date of taking the test.

TCFQ Modules and Examination

TCFQ also consists of 4 modules, but not all of them are mandatory. The table below describes

  • Compréhension orale (Listening) - 25 min - 29 Questions
  • Comprehension écrite (Reading) - 45 min - 29 Questions (Optional)
  • Expression Orale (Speaking) - 12 min - 3 Subjects
  • Expression écrite (Writing) - 60 min - 3 mandatory topics (Optional)

Each module gives some points to the candidate according to the scale set by the Ministry of Immigration (MICC).
Level Modules.
Listening Reading Speaking Writing
A1 0 0 0 0
A2 0 0 0 0
B1 0 0 0 0
B2 5 1 5 1
C1 6 1 6 1
C2 7 1 7 1
The table above suggests that the candidates must have at least B2 (advanced) level proficiency to qualify the test for immigration in quebec.

Which Test to Take? TCF or TCFQ?

For the candidates who are still confused and wondering about which test to take, we have summarized the whole story in the table below:

Requirements Compréhension Orale Compréhension Écrit Expression Orale Expression Écrit Glossary and structure
Study in France
TCF études en France
Immigrate to France
TCF naturalisation
TCF Canada
TCF(Q) Québec      

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