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13 May, 2021

Concrete Ways to Overcome The Fear of Speaking a New Language


Let us start from the beginning. Tell me, how do you communicate with others? Yes, you are correct, the language.

Language is the only medium to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Unlike in our mother tongue, we find discomfort speaking in a new language. It is the fear of embarrassment in front of the natives that causes discomfort.

Speaking a foreign language in a flow needs a lot of confidence and courage. So, here we have summoned up some techniques which help in beating up this fear.


Understand The Basics of Your Fear


Be honest and stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, what makes you afraid?

The answer will vary from person to person. Always remember that it is you only who can prove yourself, not the embarrassment did by others.

To overcome this obstacle, recall the words: Walk before you run. Gradually you will be successful in reaching your aim. Your first step is to identify your problem area. Be patient to gain more confidence.


Regular Practice of Listening and Reading 


Schedule your day for regular listening of the related language audios, music, etc. Learn the lyrics of some songs in that language and recite daily. It will improve your accent and pronunciation skills. Many of the learners avoid speaking due to their accent and pronunciation problems.

 Continuous reading reduces your mistakes and enhances your vocabulary. Start reading dialogues and chat on social media. Here you can learn some connectors and fillers like, By the way, Of course, etc., which can be used in casual conversations to make yourself engage and fluent wherever you are stuck. Do not speak like a robot reading a textbook.

 By doing it, the learner will get practical knowledge of the language. Also, reading local news, magazines, journals will connect you with the natives.


Experiment Yourself


Now it is time to do some practical work that can enrich your personality. Here are some activities which can help.

  • USE OF REVERSE FLASHCARDS - Flashcards are used at the school level to make kids identify different things and objects. Here you have to make reverse flashcards having something in your mother tongue and then translate it into the new language. It will upgrade your translation and prevent humiliation caused due to interrupted conversation where you think: What does that mean? Now, your brain will ask: How do I say that?


  • CREATE YOUR OWN MONOLOGUE - Make a speech or a dialogue set to mimic. Use small phrases and enact them in front of a mirror, else you can record them. Now watch it again to find your mistakes. This strategy will train you to handle uncomfortable situations due to a lack of words in your mind during a conversation.


  • SHADOWING - Alexander Arguelles coined the term. It is a simple technique of repeating audio many times till you attain proficiency and the flow of correct words with ease.


Try to cross-check both monologues and shadow in front of your language teacher or a friend. Master these experimental strategies to express confidently.


Control the Pace of Your Speed

Speak slowly and calmly. You are not running a race. So, do not compare yourself with the experts. Control your speed according to your approach. Relax, take a deep breath and then start conversing. It will make your speech clear and emphatic. The audience will concentrate on your words and praise your confidence.


Master 1-On-1 Conversation


It is a great trick to overcome the fear of public speaking. Instead of heading groups, step up by finding a language partner. This tip will boost your confidence and prevent becoming foolish in front of others. The other person can be a native or non-native speaker who wants to help you. It is much easier to face embarrassment in front of a single person than a larger group.


Follow Some Natives


Make some native friends and practice variables in the target language. They are the most aware people in that language and, interested in those who try to learn their mother tongue. They feel proud by doing this.

Record your conversation with them and listen at least ten times. It will master you in proper word choice. You can make friends online or offline.


Use Language Apps


You can revive your learning by the use of language learning apps. Use voice messaging and other options in these apps. It will feature your talk privately and correct your errors.


Travel The Places Where It is Spoken


Try to visit the places of the target language and engage with the locals. Go to restaurants, café, public places, and talk to native speakers. Ask for directions even if you don’t need them. It will encourage them to have a delightful conversation with you. They love the people who are trying to learn and speak their language.

Move to nearby shops, greet strangers, enquire about the prices, this will involve you in that community, making your path easier.


Fight Your Fear with The Experts by Your Side


We hope these ways mentioned are well enough. So, why are you waiting? Go ahead and face the situation with a smile on your face. Conquer your fear and rule. Wait. Do you need the experts’ assistance? Fret not, ESYLANG is there to help. Let us know the language you are interested in and avail the best guidance from our tutors. Hurry up, call now.

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