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20 Mar, 2021

How Learning French Can Be A Life-Changing Decision for You?

Are you thinking about learning French? Great!

French has an essence of romance and a different aura which creates an affinity of us towards the French.

Learning any new language simply has multiple benefits, but how learning French can affect your life, is what we shall discuss here.


Learning French will Earn You Brownie Points in Your Career


Factually speaking, French will give a good impression on the CV. Being the fifth-largest economy, you would be open to communicate with a lot of people, given that French is not limited within the borders of France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Canada and Africa etc.

If you are seeking a job, then French can prove to be very advantageous for you, as to the world a person with skills of both English and French is an asset.

 Also, freshers get an opportunity to study abroad and can give you more rounded universities as French is a must in most universities.


The Rich Aesthetic French Tradition


Without a doubt, France has contributed to the fields of art.

Starting with Molière, who is one of the world’s best writers in any language, the French have got Jules Verne and Albert Camus in sci-fiction and contemporary respectively.

Picasso and Van Gogh spent a good amount of productive time of their lives in France.

Learning the language will give you an upper hand in understanding their creations.


The Popular French Cinema


French cinema is highly respected at all places, and that's the reason the Palme D’or, a hon’ble award is given away at the Cannes Film Festival. Usually, The French cinema doesn't have a very high budget for films, like Hollywood. But they try making more deep and meaningful movies.

And to appreciate the films, there is no better way than learning the language.


Pop Music of France


France has contributed a lot in the field of music, producing singers such as Édith Piaf and Johnny Hallyday.

Although their lyrics are on the lower side, the music shows how France is still a breeding ground for experimentation and creativity in music.


The French Cuisine


We cannot appreciate France enough if we don't appreciate its cuisine. With the knowledge of the language, you only can't prepare the food, but take it to another level by increasing its standards.

Even in English, some culinary terms such as chef, cuisine, restaurant are French.


Gives You A New Perspective


When you learn a different language, along with it, you come to know about the traditions, cultures, lifestyle, and viewpoint of the natives. Thus, learning French and getting to know different traditions and cultures may give you a different and new perspective towards life.


Enriches Your Travel Experiences


One of the most apparent reasons for learning a different language is the ease of communication while travelling. Without having any knowledge of the language you have to rely on others which can lead to a chance of miscommunication that further can lead to trouble in case of urgency.


Opens the World to You in A Much Broader Range


As mentioned earlier, French is not only spoken in France, but it is still the second lingua franca while English being the first. The language opens the world to you in multiple ways, right from travelling to running a business and finding a job.

Estimations are that by 2025, French will overtake English by being spoken by over 500 million people.


Gives You A Deeper Understanding of English


After the Normans conquered England, French and English had been laced inseparably, so much so that 1/3rd words of English vocabulary derived from French.

While learning French, you get to learn about the history and origin of many English words.  

So as discussed, we saw that there are numerous benefits of learning French. Also, it opens up a whole new world of people with different thoughts and mentalities.

If you are interested in learning the language, it won't take you long.  However, if you force yourself to learn French, it may end up being a very tough task.

If you feel motivated enough after reading the above reasons, then you must consider your willingness to learn French. Because, who knows what destiny has kept for you besides the fact that it will give your persona a boost, for sure.


Let Us Contribute to this Life-Changing Decision for You


At ESYLANG, we train the students with basic and an advance form of the language, with our unique and innovative courses. The beginners can opt for French by Level to learn the language from scrap.

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