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Learn French 3 times Faster

At ESYLANG we uses an Accelerated Learning method to Boost your French learning by triple effect . Based on our experience in teaching French students can learn French 3 TIMES FASTER with our accelerated learning method. Let’s find how :- Our unique Method is based on 3 State-Of-The-Art learning principles :-

o Constructivism,
o Participative Learning and
o Memorisation Techniques.

Constructivism -
We build on what you already know. So you never start from ZERO. Our teacher uses the student's language as the frame of reference to compare and show what's similar and what's different in French. When the teacher doesn't speak the student's language, we will use a shared language (such as English or Spanish) as the frame of reference.

This strategy allows students to see general patterns between French and their language. And it helps them to guess what might work and what might not work in French, especially with grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary.

This is not an easy job. It doesn't simply involve talking the student's language or sharing a common language such as English, Spanish or Arabic. It involves knowing the language used as a frame of reference very well ! We put in a lot of time training our teachers to do that, and sharing best practices with them.

Over the years, we have noticed that most beginner students feel a sense of isolation when only French is used in class. When English is used as the medium of instruction, it creates a non-threatening environment where students feel more comfortable to participate actively in class. This helps build a better rapport between student and teacher, since students generally relate better to a bilingual teacher who speaks their language! We have therefore adopted the practice of gradually cutting down on the use of English in class as students’ progress to higher levels.

For English-speaking students, we have customised learning materials and bilingual French-English teachers to help them French through English in a much faster way. Our goal is to hire teachers with other language pairs and develop similar materials for other major languages in the future.

2. Participative Learning
Unlike other schools that require students to struggle and adapt to their system, French Faster adapts its teaching strategy around your learning style. So we adapt to you, not you to us.

This teaching approach is reflected in the way we teach different students with different personality types, learning needs and difficulties, age groups and interests. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach that is common in most schools.

Our learning materials are also learner-centered. They are developed with the learner in mind. And they are meticulously designed for an interactive session between teacher and student.

We have observed for over 15 years how students learn, and the shortcut methods they use to remember words or take notes. We therefore bring you over 15 years of best practices from students and teachers in several countries!

3. Memorisation Techniques
Learning a new language requires memorising a lot of words and grammar rules. We use a lot of memorisation techniques to help you remember grammar rules and vocabulary.

We understand that most students have NO TIME. So we have developed shortcut methods for learning French vocabulary, French grammar and French sentence patterns by our pre-made (Ready to use) templates.