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ESYLANG works with young trainers, who ought to make language learning a fun and effortless job, by implementing unique and innovative techniques in the training.

When you decide to jump out of your comfort zone, set a target to reach the pinnacle of your dream, and work hard for it, ESYLANG stands by you, helping you to overcome the language barriers with an innovative approach.

With professional trainers, creative ambience, and newfangled techniques, we make sure the transition goes smooth for each individual. We aim to make you acquainted with the world highest spoken languages and thus offer training for French, English, Chinese and Spanish.

With us, you can learn and grow at your own pace, taking your own sweet time!

Why Our Course

If you are a candidate looking for the best French learning institute in Canada and globally, look no further than ESYLANG. With proven methods and time-efficient approach, we are committed to bring you an enriching learning experience. So, wait no more and Find how.

Latest Blog

13 May, 2021

Concrete Ways to Overcome The Fear of Speaking a New Language

Language is the only medium to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Unlike in our mother tongue, we find discomfort speaking in a new language. It is the fear of embarrassment in front of the natives that causes discomfort.

10 May, 2021

Canadian French: How Quebecois French is Different?

Do you know the French in France is very different from the French in Canada? Canadians speak the more casual version of French. To learn more, keep reading.

08 Apr, 2021

French Key Linguistic Features You Know Need to Understand.

Considering learning French? Prior to that, you should know that French is quite different from English and needs a lot of time, dedication and practice to master. In this blog, we will discuss the key linguistic features of French before you start your course in this exotic language.